A Whirlwind of Work

It's been exactly three weeks since our last (and technically first) blog entry and to say that we've been busy would be an understatement. Entrepreneurship of any degree requires you to not only jump in with both feet, but also with both hands and head first, grasping onto whatever remaining fibers of sanity you have left. But guess what...despite the frustrations, the unforeseen roadblocks, the minor injuries and graying hair, it's still been F-U-N. What can we say? If you're putting in the work and taking the steps to share your passion with the world (or in our case the Denver area), it SHOULD be fun!

Anyways, over the last few weeks CrossFit Ridgeback has made a LOT of progress (with only a few minor setbacks) and we wanted to share some of those updates with you:

We went from this:

To this (hello color):

At this point we were chomping at the bit to keep things moving (after the paint dried), and decided it was finally time for some heavy lifting. Blessed by an incredible outpouring of support from our friends and local community, we had over 12 people volunteer to "embrace the suck" and help unload our storage unit, load it all into a 26' box truck and offload everything back at the gym. You guys, these folks gave up their Saturday to move 15,000 lbs (that's 6,803.8 kilos for all you weightlifting guru's) of gym mats (which weigh 100 lbs each), weights and other various CrossFit equipment across town (while wearing face masks) to lend us some pretty invaluable helping hands. So, to Chris, Erin, Becca (and Baby Z), Bob, Katherine, Velia, Brittany, Will, Eric, Arya and Ginger: THANK YOU. You all have gotten us to where we are today and have set us up for where we will hopefully be in the future; we'd be remiss if we didn't publicly acknowledge your selflessness or our gratitude. We love you all!

Following "move-in day," we've since:

  1. Covered the floor in mats

  2. Installed our Rogue Infinity Rig (shout out to Ben for the hammer drill assist)

  3. Visited Home Depot for the millionth time

  4. Assembled our equipment, racks and storage shelves

  5. Had part of the dividing entry wall expanded and refinished (Zach Powers and Jeff Clouse did PHENOMENAL contracting work on this job)

  6. Rearranged the gym layout two or three different times

  7. Updated our gym management software and website platforms

  8. Visited Home Depot yet AGAIN

  9. Hung flags, banners and administrative equipment


Folks, CrossFit Ridgeback's first official day of classes begins next week, on Thursday, June 25th. That's exactly 6 days, 18 hours, and 38 minutes from now, but who's counting (*hint: we are)? So on that note we'll wrap this thing up, get back to work, and see y'all in a few days!! BUT until then, remember: SAFETY FIRST, FUN SECOND, RESULTS ALWAYS #crossfitridgeback #movemountains

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