The Lease is Signed!

Okay y'all, so on May 10th, CrossFit Ridgeback (CFR) OFFICIALLY found itself a place to call home. Signed, sealed, and delivered (with a lease start date of June 1st). COVID-19 definitely threw a few curve balls while shopping for the "ideal spot", but everything ultimately happened for a reason, because the new CFR footprint couldn't have been more perfect. Located at 5725 E. 56th Avenue, in Commerce City, CO, the space is new, clean, has high ceilings, not one, but TWO, 12' roll-up doors (CrossFit loves their roll-up doors) and loads of potential. Apart from the cosmetic reasons above, the team felt that this location offered a unique opportunity to reach into the surrounding residential, educational, recreational and first responder communities with the hopes of providing a safe, welcoming and challenging environment in which ALL people could come to improve their overall health, while having more than a little fun along the way!

Exterior of CrossFit Ridgeback Gym, Denver
CrossFit Ridgeback Location

So...what's next? For those of you who haven't opened your own CrossFit affiliate (we're guessing there are a good number of you) the journey is long, tedious and full of MANY, MANY, MANY requirements that have to be met before we can open our doors, let alone start accepting memberships, but that's all a part of the fun, and we want to make sure that we do things correctly. Right now, however, the Ridgeback team is chomping at the bit to physically get into the space (prior tenants are still moving out), throw some paint on the walls, mats on the ground and equipment moved in; plus knock out some other set-up/contracting modifications. Regardless though, in T-minus 4 days (and counting) the keys to the "kingdom" will be in our hands and we'll hit the ground running. Whoo-hoo! BUT until then, remember: SAFETY FIRST, FUN SECOND, RESULTS ALWAYS #crossfitridgeback

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