Under the trained eyes of our certified coaching staff, this class is structured to develop total fitness performance in the following exercise and physical skills: endurance, stamina, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, accuracy, strength, power, and speed. 


CrossFit’s collective integration of aerobic, gymnastic, and weightlifting methodologies, when combined with short, scalable, high-intensity intervals and rest, ignites the the human body's core energy systems (metabolic pathways), which are responsible for driving all human action. It’s THIS optimal combination of foundational movements, the community of the sport, and nutrition education that has evolved into the most highly desirable and effective health and wellness fitness program around the planet.


This class is for anyone new to CrossFit and for those seeking a foundations refresher.

In this 2-hour introductory class (see our Schedule Page for flexible scheduling options), come learn some of the basic skills covered in a typical week of CrossFit in order to be more successful, feel more confident and work out SAFELY in both a group and an individual setting.


We'll discuss and practice key weightlifting and gymnastics movements, introduce you to the CrossFit methodology, highlight commonly used equipment, explain WOD (workout-of-the-day) terminology, and wrap it all up with a baseline workout to get your sweat on. If you're ready, your coaches and fellow athletes can't wait to meet you!


"Virtuosity – doing common things uncommonly well."



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